Maison Rabih Kayrouz takes part in the first ever Digital Paris Fashion Week with its movie "320/38"


What if Beirut and Paris were hanging by a thread, a drawing, a mouvement, a line, a grain ?

On the melody of Mounir Mrad and precious, crystalline voice of Shadia, « 320/38 » tells the story of the possibility of a dress.
In Beirut, the dress is dreamt, imagined, conceived, 
sketched, drawn. In Paris, it takes shape, comes to lifegets woven. Alive, playful, orange-red.

More than a simple unveiling of a dress, « 320/38 » is an invitation into the intimate creative world of Rabih Kayrouz. Unable to be next to his creation – a few 4.168,33 km apart – the designer, while in 320 Gouraud Street / Beirut, conjures distance by using his pen, his hands, his vision ; aesthetics that will later be fulfilled in 38 Boulevard Raspail / Paris.

There, in Beirut, the « sublime petites mains », caressed by the morning light, weave an imaginary gros grain, like a thin thread which will materialize in a studio flooded with the light of a Parisian afternoon.

In Beirut, this sample.

In Paris, this creation.

Color erupts. 

With Rabih Kayrouz, Guya Tohmé, Isabelle Mardirossian, Cécile Bonneau, Emma Horreau et Yousra Mohsen 

Chief Camerawoman Beirut: Nour Ouayda 

Chief Camerawoman Paris: Chaghig Arzoumanian 

Assistant Director Paris: Michèle Abboud

Montage: Nasri Sayegh 

Music: Shadia 

Graphic design: Funny Bones 

Special thanks Mark Khalifé, Mahmoud Merjan, Abraham Zeitoun, Michèle Tyan, Waël Kodeih, Christine Wehbe

Written, directed and produced : Nasri Sayegh #karantinaproduction